verb (past drew; past participle drawn)
1》 produce (a picture or diagram) by making lines and marks on paper.
    ↘trace or produce (a line) on a surface.
2》 pull or drag (a vehicle) so as to make it follow behind.
    ↘pull or move (something) in a specified direction.
    ↘pull (curtains) shut or open.
3》 arrive at a specified stage or point in time: the campaign drew to a close.
4》 extract from a container or receptacle: he drew his gun.
    ↘(draw from) obtain from (a particular source).
    ↘(draw on) use as a resource: Sue has a lot of experience to draw on.
5》 take in (a breath).
    ↘(draw on) suck smoke from (a cigarette or pipe).
    ↘(of a chimney or fire) allow air to flow in and upwards freely, so that a fire can burn.
6》 be the cause of (a specified response).
    ↘attract to a place or an event.
    ↘induce to reveal or do something: he refused to be drawn on what would happen.
    ↘direct or attract (someone's attention).
7》 conclude by deduction or inference.
    ↘make (a comparison or distinction).
8》 finish (a contest or game) with an even score.
9》 Bowls cause (a bowl) to travel in a curve to the desired point.
    ↘Golf hit (the ball) so that it travels slightly to the left (for a left-handed player, the right).
10》 make (wire) by pulling metal through successively smaller holes.
11》 (of a ship) require (a specified depth of water) to float in.
12》 (of a sail) be filled with wind.
13》 historical disembowel.
14》 Hunting search (cover) for game.
1》 an act of selecting names randomly, to decide winners in a lottery, opponents in a sporting contest, etc.
2》 a game or match that ends with the scores even.
    ↘Cricket a game which is left incomplete for lack of time. Compare with tie.
3》 an attractive or interesting person or thing: the big city was a powerful draw to youngsters.
4》 an act of inhaling smoke from a cigarette.
    ↘informal cannabis.
5》 Golf a shot which draws the ball.
draw blood cause someone to bleed.
draw someone's fire attract hostile criticism away from a more important target.
draw the line at set a limit of what one is willing to do or accept.
Phrasal verbs
draw back choose not to take an expected course of action.
draw in (of successive days) become shorter or (of nights) start earlier, because of the changing seasons.
draw on (of a period of time) approach its end.
draw out (of successive days) become longer because of the changing seasons.
draw someone out subtly persuade someone to be more talkative.
draw something out prolong or extend something.
draw up come to a halt.
draw something up prepare a plan or document in detail.
OE dragan, of Gmc origin; related to draught.
On the confusion of draw and drawer, see usage at drawer.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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